Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Night Before We Drove to Texas

I don't know why I picked up my old journal, but I did and oh shazaam, but there was an entry on the eve of leaving for a drive to Texas at Christmas. It was 1984 and I was 11, and my mother was engaged to a man, Tom, who lived in Texas, so we packed up and took the dog and headed west. Note: they didn't end up getting married.

Deja vu all over again....I'm leaving tomorrow morning with my husband and son (we're not taking the dog...shhh...she doesn't know yet) for another Christmas in Texas.

December 24, 1984
Well, it's Christmas Eve and we opened our presents tonight so that we can pack and wash and clean up. That's fine because I was so excited about opening my presents I couldn't wait until the next morning. I got everything I wanted and more. Especially my ring that I was dying for. My brother, Brian, gave it to me and it is blue and it sparkles. Mom gave me a diamond (not real) necklace with matching earrings. I love it. My sister gave me a bracelet and this neat book with nine different stories in it. My other brother, Jeff, gave me a terrific curling iron with three heads. My mom also gave me gray boots, a jogging suit, a layered suit, memo cube, umbrella, a stack of young reader books, socks, gloves, a neat hat, a sweater, earring case with my initials on it, a unicorn, her picture. Well, everything has settled down and everyone is relaxed. Jeff is going to bed and Kris is going to sit in here with me in the living room and read. I'm reading one of the books Mama gave me called ANGEL. It's pretty good. It's about this girl who everyone likes because she is so pretty but she tells lies to make her life more exciting.

December 26, 1984

Well, we got a good start this morning but it got alot better after we dropped Kris off at the bus station. Everything settled down, the dog is asleep and I can tell it's going to be a great trip.

December 27, 1984
Well, we're in Texas right now and we got here around 5 o'clock. We stayed the night at a motel in Meridian, Mississippi. The motel was nice and we left about 5 this morning. I was right. It was a great trip and Max was a very good dog. We only had to give him 2 tranquilizers so far and they have really taken affect. Tom has gone to work and I'm all settled down and getting ready to take a bath in a sunken tub. Mom just got out and she said it was alot of fun.

December 29, 1984
Today is the third night in Texas. We've been watching movies on Tom's VCR. We watched HOT DOG (very nasty), CLASS and Jeffrey watched STAR WARS. But right now we're watching FLASHDANCE. Mom got TOOTSIE and STROKER ACE. Jeff is being a pain in the butt right now by turning down and up the movie with the remote control. But other than that it's pretty boring here.

December 30, 1984

Today we're going to my Mom's friends in Duncanville. I'm wearing my knickers and I can't decide whether to wear my new gray boots or my brown dressshoes which I wear with them all the time. Tom brought home doughnuts for breakfast and I could have killed him for it. Because I'm trying to go on a diet but I haven't tried very hard. All I've been eating for snacks are apples-diet-caffeine-free-Coke. It's not the best in the world but at least it's a diet. I also had cereal this morning. It's so hard to go on a diet on your vacation. But I wanted to lose some weight to go back to school. Mom's taking a shower now and then I will. We're leaving about noon. Jeffrey is such a pest but he's pretty funny, and right now he's got the idea that Tom is not what Mom expected. He's such a BORE!!!