Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Mornings

In September 2009, I started working with five other women to write a screenplay together. One person said, "You're writing it TOGETHER?" One person said, "I'm jealous." My husband said, "I could never work that way." I thought, "I will never have time for this." But we are making time. We meet on Tuesday mornings for two hours, and everyone moves all their shit around and they work out how to take time away from work, babysitters are found and we meet in kitchens and coffee shops. We borrow training rooms and living rooms. We laugh alot. We try to keep the extra details to the outskirts, but it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes we talk each other into quitting caffeine or restarting caffeine. We save to a web-based program. We laugh our asses off. We've got all these characters now, and they own us. We've got big plans for it, but "it" is the work, and the work is the thing. I hate it when Chekhov is right.