Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Secret Lives of Little Girls, Part 4: The House

1. where I shaved my legs for the first time.
2. where my mom grew zucchini, tomatoes, squash, watermelon, rhubarb and green beans.
3. where my mom parked her Pontiac Catalina.
4. where the previous resident killed himself.
5. where my trundle bed would pull out -- when she visited, my grandmother would sleep on it with her arms folded across her chest.
6. where my grandmother taught me to pray with a rosary.
7. where the Siamese cat used to sit at night and cry like a baby.
8. where I took Reader's Digest magazine stickers and licked them and stuck them all over my closets.
9. where the cat walked through all the pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving Eve.
10. where my mom painted clouds on the ceiling.
11. where my sister kept her 2 pairs of high heels that I would sneak in and try on.
12. where Mom kept her hundreds of Harlequin novels (that's embarrassing)
13. where my mom slept and stacked up books and magazines on the other side of the bed.
14. where I read all of Nancy Drew and Spiderman.
15. where I found the previous resident's fake leg.
16. where we played cards with my grandparents when my mom was in the hospital.
17. where my mom talked on the phone and the yellow cord would stretch all the way across the kitchen.
18. where I hid when the older ones started picking on me.
19. where we all stood and listened the morning we found out that John Lennon died.
20. where we kept my father's album of all the pictures he took in Korea.
21. where the Christmas tree went.
22. where I set up my bank teller operations.
23. where all games of Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, Trouble, Parcheesi, Risk, Frogger and Dungeons and Dragons were played.
24. where I played with a Ouija board for the first and last time.
25. where I watched Mommie Dearest every time I could catch it on HBO.
26. where Jeff played with matches and burned up his blinds.
27. where we waited for Santa.
28. where my mom's friend, Judy, spent most of her time.
29. where the previous resident would shoot his gun into the ceiling to scare his wife and it left bullet holes.
30. where the previous resident's wife killed herself by overdosing on pills.
31. where the pot plants grew.
32. where my mom made a Japanese-style garden and where I found my cat, Tiger, dead.
33. where we spent most of the summer.
34. where my brother and his friend set an old abandoned van on fire.
35. where we hid the key.
36. where we played basketball and tether ball.