Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Lazy River of Wanting

Whenever I think about my Lazy River of Wanting, I know it's time for me to go find a REAL lazy river.  Luckily, there's one right down the street.  My mother-in-law told me that there's a river in San Antonio that is fed by a spring, and she's going to float me down it the first week of August, and I was glad.  If your work ever overlaps with your body ever overlapping with your dreams of a housekeeper ever overlapping with love and memory intersecting through it all, I think you'll get this.  It's all about the way you see things.  Today I saw a BMW with a ski rack and I thought it was the police.  I thought: what would our country look like if the police were paid big money?  I mean BIG.  Yesterday, while walking the dog, I saw a pillow coming out of a trash can and I thought it was a mother bending over a child.  I thought: that poor thing.  Today I hollered at someone through a mailbox slot and they liked it.  I thought: maybe I would've liked being a postperson.  It all gets closer and then I see the truth, but in that moment, when I am deluded by distance and I'm making meaning out of shape, I think: every time I've ever been confused, it was not about right or wrong -- it was about distance...sometimes too close, sometimes too far.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

C-ville Weekly Advice Column: Like Sisters...Summer Issue

NEW! Summer 2011: Like Sisters

How to address the tough questions, word for word


Have you ever really wanted to initiate a conversation with a friend, but you’re so worried that it has the potential to be a disastrous mess that you keep avoiding it? When you walk your dog, do you practice what you’re going to say, but then you don’t say it? I’m here to help. Below, find some tough but important conversations. As John Mayer says, “Say what you need to say. Say what you need to say.” (He thinks up his greatest dialogue in the tattoo parlor.) Click here to read the rest of the article!

Dirty Barbie and Other Dreams

I was recently interviewed by Christine Louise Hohlbaum for her Psychology Today blog. Scroll down to read a little bit of it, or click here to read the whole darn thing!

The Power of Slow
Embracing time so you have more of it
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Dirty Barbie and Other Dreams
Dreams are like whispers. You need to slow down to hear them.
Published on June 28, 2011 by Christine Louise Hohlbaum in The Power of Slow

Every once in a while, I meet particularly astounding people who make my jaw drop and say, "Wow."

Denise Stewart is one such person I had the pleasure of meeting at a blogger conference I keynoted back in April. As a writer and actress, she has a commanding presence that is both vibrant and profound. With an MFA in Playwriting from the University of Virginia and a BA in Theater from Catawba College, Denise provides her audiences with profound messages wrapped in her quick wit. After reading her amazing list of accomplishments, including her recent play DIRTY BARBIE AND OTHER GIRLHOOD TALES, I got curious. Could I approach her with the power of slow? She warmed to the idea immediately, admitting that mindfulness is what she promotes every day as both a playwright and wellness coach.

She graciously agreed to an e-chat...

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, American author of The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World., lives near Munich, Germany with her husband and two children. A PR consultant by trade, Christine occasionally takes on small TV and film roles to satisfy her inner thespian. A frequent commentator to major media outlets such as, NPR and various women's magazines, Christine is a passionate blogger and lifestyle advocate, teaching the less is more principle of productivity wherever she goes.