Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Foresight and Hindsight...Advice From Every Direction

I asked some friends to answer these questions:

1) What advice would you give your 18 year-old self?  2) What advice do you think your 75 year-old self would give you right now? 

I loved what they had to say...

From Caite...
Write more. Don't be afraid to ask questions. What you think is a big deal is, in fact, not a big deal. When you meet him in two years and he breaks your heart, try not to cry so much—he's not The One anyway. Try to enjoy exercising and do it more regularly (hint: you might like yoga or dancing). Don't skip class so much in college to watch TV—you own "Dawson's Creek" on DVD, for goodness' sake. Kiss more boys. Spend even more time with your grandparents; you'll miss them when they're gone. 

What 75-year-old me would say: 
Read more. Develop your memory. Make someone laugh every day. Love hard and often. Keep up the good work. 

From Betsy...
Dear 18 year-old me,
Behold the glass ceiling!  If you want to play with the big boys you really have to figure out the rules of the game, you can't trust that your talent or intelligence or good looks will get you on the field.  And, once you know the rules, are you SURE you wanna play that game?

From my 75 year-old self,
Pretty good start, but keep opening up.  There's a new you or an old you clawing her way out -- stay open to her.

From Arrietta...
To my future 18 year old self: Get into a good college. Please. I need to have a life.
My future 75 year old self would say: Calm down, girl. It's gonna be okay!

From Billy...
Dear 18 year-old me,
Get ready to Rock! You have 15 years of non-stop thrill ride ahead of you. Bands, world travel, moon bounce boxing (don't ask)! Ride the snake!
Love, 38 year old me.

Dear 38 year-old me,
 Get off that snake! Its unbecoming, and not age appropriate. You are almost 40. Stop asking college kids, “Where's the party at?" Hang out with your son at the Children's Discovery Museum. I know that place sucks, but he will love you for it, and he is amazing.
 Also, invest in Robocorp.   Also, use the profits from your Robocorp windfall to buy a bunker, a laser rifle, and a water purifier. NOT THE ROBOTIC KIND!
Finally, my back hurts.

From Archie...
1. To my 17 y.o. self:
 Don't waste your energy on that girl in English class. You'll not meet the true love of your life until you're well into your forties. Don't worry, it's worth the wait. Until then, relax and have fun.  Watch your weight, and if you want to keep your hair, cut some off now and put it in a baggie.
 2. From my 75 year old self:
I told you that girl would be worth the wait. You both should ease up on your kids, they're only young once. Watch your weight, and cheer up. They found a cure for baldness.

From Amy...
I would tell my 18 year old self to enjoy being 18! You have the rest of your life to be older! Appreciate your young, healthy body, fall in love more than once and follow your dreams because it is ALL possible at 18!

My 75 year old self would probably say almost the exact same thing and she would add... slow down and enjoy this time with your children because they will also be 18 before you know it. Thank your parents/ grandparents and tell them you love them because you never know what tomorrow will bring. 

From another Amy...
Oh -- so MUCH I would say to my 18-year old self!! Beginning with "boys are not your reason for existence! Keep your eye on the future!" 
75 year old me would say "I wish you had kept yourself in better shape -- there's a lot of fun things left to do!"

From Ashley...
To me at 18:
Take babies seriously.  They are not puppies.  The most important person in your life will be your babysitter.  Take time to learn history and geography.  Even if you have to buy those books for dummies...don't let yourself go...you'll be so proud when you turn 40. 

To me from 75:
Make it a point to enjoy your husband and children every day as if it's your last.  Even if they are driving you CRAZY!...Now you are ready for the best part. 

From DeeDee
Hey, D put down your beer and listen to this:
--don’t bitch about money…save it…you were right, you ARE a late bloomer..stop drinking…you’re actually allergic, not weak...stop eating flour and sugar…you’re actually allergic, not weak...go ahead, keep doing what you’re doing…you entertain me…but please write about it...when you get to that intersection in Memphis in ‘95…YIELD!!!...ask questions until you’re 75, then you can give advice...stay in the moment and you’ll stop leaving your wallet on the backs of toilets.

Hey, D, I'm about to get my daily massage, so let me quickly give you some advice:
the universe likes speed -- follow-up on stuff every day; other people won’t, and it will make all the difference...you were right, wrinkles ARE good bullshit protectors...exercise every day…it lets the chips fall off your shoulders...seek to understand (and practice) your own divinity…and give up TV…well, you can keep 3 shows...okay, that was 80 episodes of 30 Rock you just watched on Netflix…I thought you were really busy...it’s never too late to evolve about money, girlfriend…please save for Europe…I want you to go to Paris before I die...understand this clearly:  flour and sugar promote tumor growth, not personal growth...ask questions until you are my age...you're at your best when you're seeking...go to bed exhausted, not anxious...snacks are for kids and dog-training – eat meals...do what you’re going to do…you entertain me…but please write about it...I can't believe you still don't get this --one more time:  when in doubt, take a shower.

So, share the love below and ask you friends how would THEY answer these questions (and answer it yourself, too!)?