Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Nine


Are you teachable?  Coach-able?  Sentences that start with "You oughta..." are dead from the get-go.  Your advice is probably pretty decent, so you just have to learn to ask it in a question (it makes you tricky and thus very smart-looking/sounding)  It's so easy to give advice, but you risk pathetic know-it-all-ness, which I risk frequently and it looks worse on me than yellow (and that is SAYING SOMETHING).  I really should be asking you questions.  Well, I asked you one in this series:  Why do you want to build online influence?  That's a good one to answer.  Another one for you:  What are you willing to give up to get the thing you want?  There WILL be an exchange of energy.  I've found that asking questions is pretty important to helping people -- and helping yourself.  My horoscope asked me a few weeks ago if I was asking the universe the big, important questions that need to be asked.  So far that's just got me searching for questions, but not exactly popping them yet. Girls can pop questions, too.  I'm close...are you close to asking (or getting an answer to) a big question?  If not, ask someone to try and coach you.  Even if it's just while you're on the bus.  It'll be fun.      

Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Eight


You might find that your influence grows when you connect with other bloggers.  You might find that your blog gets more interesting when you connect with interesting people.  Schedule an interview with someone.  Write a real comment on someone else's blog.  Send me a list of the top five blogs that you think I should know about and I'll go check them out -- and I'll say you sent me.  

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Seven

Follow up.  Follow up.  Follow up.
I'm not saying I'm perfect about this, but I'm saying that it makes a difference.  
The universe likes speed, that's all I'm saying. 

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Six


Have a life on the ground.  Stay connected to friends, colleagues and clients around you. Don't live in your yoga pants. Be a person who sees other people.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Five


Do the work. 
Make a very short list today.
Complete it.   

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Four


Ask yourself, "Why?"
"Why do I want to blog?"  "What would I do with an online community if I got 'em?  Make a pizza together?"

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Three

Content is king. 
Consistency can be queen, but it is the quality of the WHAT, not the HOW OFTEN that makes a difference to me. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Two

copyright 2011denisestewart
Have you loved on someone else's blog today?

Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step One

copyright 2011 denisestewart

The Newspaper in August: Oh to be yong again...

This is a "found" poem.  I took words and phrases and names from articles, ads, the crossword puzzle, and the TV guide from yesterday's Sunday paper (August 14, 2011...The Daily Progress), mixed them all up and made sense of it my way.

Two typos I found in the same quote, and I'm not even "The Matrix" star.  
Who is?
Who wants to say no to 300 million?
Who wants a Minute to Win It with John of Ohio or Nancy of California?
Not regarding the FREE document shredding event and NOT regarding the 2011 World Series of Poker, I read, 

"Your chances of survivng are better if you're yong."

Dear Abby is Abigail Van Buren and also Jeanne Phillips, and I bet she was yong once. 
I'm forming a super-committee to create new frat letters and to spread the swift treatment and amazing normalcy of face transplants.  

On the route between DaNang and Hue, South Vietnam you will not find
the 17-Day Diet or the Housewives of New Jersey.
You may get bad groundhog advice.
You may take pleasure in your bungled debt.   

Now, at 55, Lizzy is looking back on an empty and meaningless life, but I say:
Cancer:  don't scoff at change; it is probably exactly what you need.  Go to the Charlottesville Laughter Yoga Club -- they meet from 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays at the Gordon Avenue Library.

Let me tell you the history of the property of Keswick Hall, where we go unhurried
where we enjoy monopolies
where we live in the garden of the beasts.

Geraldo at Large is not known for his so-called diving reflex but 
what is the word for one who is not class conscious? It's 6 letters and will intersect with a vaudeville hook.
What will the torturous ordeal finally bear you? 
The center jewel in the much-expanded crowd will inspect his body carefully because there may be a successful guest -- an American Dog Tick.  This bodes ill.  
NEVER wean the country, never shift your perspective and never remove ticks using gasoline, petroleum jelly, nail polish, matches or your bare hands. 

No matter what you and your husband built in 1912 there is relentless danger, 
there is the shock of being plunged into cold water.  You will wish to be yong again. 
She who shies from the tough fight will find herself near death anyway on the
final day of the PGA championship.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mi land, my heart...lost in San Antonio

Walking into a restaurant in San Antonio, I thought, I hope this is what heaven looks like.  I didn't know that's what I wanted, but now that I've seen it, I hope heaven is an all-night Mexican eatery with sassy, beautiful waitresses, mariachi bands, a bakery, and all the tortilla chips you can eat.  If I had to give it a genre, a type, I would say Gothic Mexican.  Maybe Gothic Mexican plus Christmas lights.  You could be very happy in a place like this. 

Welcome to Mi Tierra.  It's located in the heart of El Mercado -- Market Square.  When you are done shopping for brightly colored pottery frogs and turquoise jewelry, you can go there like I did.  Maybe you will go there three times like I did, too.  I took these pictures. 

The first time we were just tourists.  My son was behind me and when we walked in he said, "Oh...nuns."  Nuns selling jewelry.

Look, I'm easily impressed.  I am.  I suffer fools and I watch bad tv.  I think everything and everyone has a story, but some stories are better than others and in a town of many, many Mexican restaurants, the one with the baby wreath will always get my vote for "Best of San Antonio".  You can't see him because I didn't take his picture, but there was a man there, a live mannequin, who scared my mother-in-law.  He was a cross between James Brown, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.  Now you're starting to see why this looks like heaven. 

The second time we went in at the END of our shopping and we settled in the dark, ornate bar with the heavy furniture and the vintage mariachi outfits in glass cases.  The mariachi waiter tried to upsell me into a blue margarita in honor of the Cowboys being in town, but I just got the traditional for $5.95.  

The third time we visited is because my family loves me and we had dinner.  My quesadilla was tasty, fluffier in texture than most quesadillas, but I have to say -- I was distracted.  Yes, there were TWO mariachi bands floating around.  Yes, that is a large portrait of Bill Clinton running with a Mi Tierra t-shirt on.  He must've eaten there before he went vegan.  Yes, that is a shark in the background.  The place is huge, and most of the women are dressed for a special occasion.  There are flowers behind ears, and everyone looks good in Christmas lights. 

Oh, Mi Tierra, save a table for me.  I'll be back for that blue margarita. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

25 Things I'll Never Do

1.  Be a whitewater rafting instructor
2.  Pull a begonia out of someone's yard because I'm drunk and it's there (again)
3.  Love science fiction
4.  Play with a Ouija board (again)
5.  Think the crazy thought "girls are hard, boys are easy"
6.  Threaten to spank or slap a child at a shoe store ("Imma slap you in a second")
7.  Drink a whole bottle of soy sauce
8.  Stick to every single one of my many, many resolutions
9.  Stop making resolutions
10.  Be cast in the remake of Mr. and Mrs. Smith 
11.  Underestimate the power of authentic sweetness with a customer service agent
12.  Be a napper
13.  Give up on all my crafty projects
14.  Be able to trick someone else into painting my fence
15.  Fall asleep first at a slumber party (again)
16.  Accurately describe the events of Watergate (no matter how much I read about it AND love Dustin Hoffman)
17.  Let someone mention Dale Earnhardt, Jr. without saying "I went to high school with him."  I'll never let it slide. 
18.  Not think curly-headed people have it made
19.  Train for dentistry
20. Give up on the woo-woo stuff of life
21.  Consistently move the clothes from the washer to the dryer promptly (like I need to right now)
22.  Rank gummy bears over chocolate chips
23.  Get a chance to eat my way off of Golden Grahams Island (again)
24.  Buy yellow clothes
25.  Give up on the beach house

Friday, August 5, 2011

Timed Writings...Go!

a timed writing exercise from my journal

1.  High School
2.  Cars
3.  This Morning in Pictures
4.  Heroes/Heroines as a center word (yes, you can use another word)
5.  I felt like a stranger when...
6.  What I love about movies...or the best movies make me feel...

Only note of explanation above:  "Pluck" was my brother's nickname in high school.  "Catawba" means Catawba College and Carrie was one of my close friends.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Friendship of Gail Caldwell and Carolyn Knapp

If you happen to be done with your book and looking for a recommendation, I have something for you.  I love Gail Caldwell's book Let's Take the Long Way Home...a memoir of friendship.  

"It's an old, old story:  I had a friend and we shared everything, and then she died and so we shared that, too."  

Here's a great You Tube interview about the book.

This is an incredible book by a Pulitzer Prize winner.  Many other topics are covered:  dogs, sobriety, cancer, New England, writing, men, success...grief

Monday, August 1, 2011

Highs and Lows

December 4, 2009

From Deedee's so-called archives...Does anybody else out there struggle with momentum?  All cliches apply...walking the talk, playing the second half, smart people have to reply to emails, too.  A year and a half after this old journal entry and I know I am better (had a zero inbox for 2 minutes yesterday...arms in the air like I just don't care).  I get lots of great ideas and don't always follow thru.  This is frustrating for people who love me...thank God they love me.  I know I'd get alot more hits if I titled this piece "Sean Penn is Amazing", but I won't sink like a penny in the pool today.