Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Nine


Are you teachable?  Coach-able?  Sentences that start with "You oughta..." are dead from the get-go.  Your advice is probably pretty decent, so you just have to learn to ask it in a question (it makes you tricky and thus very smart-looking/sounding)  It's so easy to give advice, but you risk pathetic know-it-all-ness, which I risk frequently and it looks worse on me than yellow (and that is SAYING SOMETHING).  I really should be asking you questions.  Well, I asked you one in this series:  Why do you want to build online influence?  That's a good one to answer.  Another one for you:  What are you willing to give up to get the thing you want?  There WILL be an exchange of energy.  I've found that asking questions is pretty important to helping people -- and helping yourself.  My horoscope asked me a few weeks ago if I was asking the universe the big, important questions that need to be asked.  So far that's just got me searching for questions, but not exactly popping them yet. Girls can pop questions, too.  I'm close...are you close to asking (or getting an answer to) a big question?  If not, ask someone to try and coach you.  Even if it's just while you're on the bus.  It'll be fun.