Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Build Good Blog JuJu: Step Ten

"Danish Abandonment" by Andrew Shearer

Don't Abandon Your Blog for More Than 20 Days

Whoops.  I've been gone since August 20. What happened? Here are some of the things that MIGHT have been happening to me while I was away...I MIGHT:
  • have had a "crisis of meaning" and thought that the JCPenney catalog was more interesting than anything I could possibly write.  If you spend $75 there this weekend you can get $10 off.  
  • have been blogging in my head and forgot to type it out and push "publish".
  • have had my niece here from Seattle for a good long visit and used that as an excuse to get busy baking chocolate cake, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and taking her to the houses of dead presidents.
  • have been planning on how to come back stronger than Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girls.
  • have taken up yoga and gotten stuck inside a nasty, possessive Bird of Paradise.
  • have been scribbling, scribbling, scribbling away on this idea and having meetings with my friends and saying things like, "What do you think?" and "I scare myself."  And thinking, thinking and then more I think I've got it.
  • done this thing where when I get really focused on the future, then I get really intent to undo the past, and then I can't do jackshit about the present.  Creative babies do this to you.  Luckily, you can still drink coffee and wine when you are pregnant with them.
  • gotten called-back for a lottery commercial which I didn't get which is fine because I would've hated to have signed over my chance to win the lottery.  WHAT A RELIEF.  
  • just eaten half of a sesame bagel with cinnamon-raisin spread and half of a caramel apple and gotten PUMPED UP enough to crank out a Friday afternoon list.   
  • have gone through an internal, violent debate between attachment and commitment and come out on the other end of the wood chipper.  But I'm better now. 
Maybe you've been there, too.  Maybe you've abandoned your blog or some other worthy project.  I went to the little cabin in the woods (really just in my bed early in the morning and late at night) for a few weeks, and I wrote in my journal and I worked on this idea.  Please excuse the absence.  I don't have a note.  But...I'm back.  I'm back.