Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Cause You Can Handle the Truth....the New LIKE SISTERS column from C Magazine

Excerpted from my...Winter C Magazine advice column, Like Sisters
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How to be real with your buddy
Sometimes the truth is a big semi truck that’s crossing the center line. Sure, you want to avoid it, but when that means driving off a cliff, you find yourself thinking, “This is a tough spot.” This month, we look at a few instances of how facing the truth can make a friendship grow without putting you in the hospital.

(By Matt Pamer)
The other night, my friend got a little too flirty with my significant other—and it’s not the first time. I’m not threatened, but it makes me and my guy super uncomfortable. How can I tell her to back off?
He doesn’t need you to defend his honor or personal space. I want to ask about
the lush factor here, but I’ll do what I normally do, and assume I’m right—alcohol was involved. This friendship needs to move to the light of day. If it doesn’t hold up sober and one-on-one, then she is just an acquaintance.

Flirty McGee: Do you guys want to ride together to Jenny’s party? I’ll drive.
You: No, thanks. We might skip it.
FM: Well, that stinks. I want to hang out with you soon.
You: I could do lunch on Friday. Just the two of us?
FM: I’ll check and e-mail you.
You: Sounds good.