Friday, December 9, 2011

Label Me Grateful

through Dec. 11 at Live Arts, Charlottesville, VA

Do you remember the old label makers?
i used to waste tons of ribbon on these things

On the outside of the box of the Barbies that I borrowed for my show, there is a black label that says "BARBIE BURDEN".  White letters on black tape.  I don't know why I'm the girl who got to borrow Barbie Burden's Barbies, but I am, and I use them every night.  Then I forgot to thank her in the program.  Then I remembered who else I forgot to thankThen I thought of new people to thank because people keep helping me.  It's always been that way with me.  I don't know why I'm the girl that gets helped, but I am. 
photo by Holly Czuba
What's amazing is that I'm not good at asking for help.  I'd rather whine and be a martyr.  I'm good at accepting it, not asking for it, so I'm glad people are so damn perceptive and thoughtful, and that maybe passive-aggressiveness is never out of style. 

If there's one thing I'm figuring out it's that there's no true "oneness" in a one-person show.  It seems false to call it that these days, but I know some people don't like one-person shows, so I better leave it in the description as fair warning.  
So here's an updated list...for now...and it's not everybody.

I think I should be making these people gingersnaps:
Bree Luck (who says that giving notes is a way of saying the show is in good shape...I love choppy talk like that...girlfriend, keep giving me notes)
All the people who have come out for this show (you're killing me)
Barbara Carswell (the former Barbie Burden)
Robert Jones and the Lee Street Theater (for giving me deadlines and the first opening night and the best front porch coffee ever)
Cindi Graham (who likes me best when I make Ken talk dirty)
Jim and Lucinda Epperson (who make it easy and important for me to stay in theatre)
Kate Bennis (who said, "I need more PYT."  It was so true and so key)
Lance Stewart (for many things, but little things, too, like listening to podcasts and fixing the lights on my Volvo)
Kris Breton (who gave me the thumbs up and who calls me in the mornings)
Jen Downey (who reminded me of a line that I had cut near the end that she told me to put back in and turns out it is a VERY important line)
Jenny and David Robinson and Birch Studio (my first corporate sponsor...much better experience than my first kiss...for making my show the center of a good party) 
David Post (for being the first stranger to feel so strongly about the future of the show)
Hannah Breton (for insisting on seeing your aunt's play...and for playing with tarot cards with me)
Amy Houser (for calling for show updates in the middle of her scrapbooking class)
Doug Grissom (who wouldn't let me change the title when I was having a big, big stupid moment)
Slumber Party Girls (the ones in October but to the ones everywhere who get it)
Joy Tanksley (for long distance Nia love, support and Saturday essays)
Sara Holdren (for making a great poster for me and for coming to the show when she was sick)
Rick Anderson McCombs (for passionate quoting..."nutter butter, nutter butter...")
Darryl Smith (who answers all my emails with "Right on!") 
Phoebe Flaikos (for a new piece of old jewelry and a Benjamin)
Ronald Stewart (for reporting what he hears in the lobby and for making tech magic happen)
Christina Downey (for telling me that I look really cute when I'm melting down) 
Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell (for mystery books in my mailbox and the big CLAW hookup)
Boomie Pedersen (who gave me the 2nd show and the sheets)
Carol Pedersen (for the long great chats on the way to the Hamner)
Patti Wray (who gave me the 3rd see how this goes?)
Jenny Hubbard (who told me she was sure it was going to be a "wild ride" and who sparked a flurry of energy and change in the last two weeks of rehearsal)
The first lady (in Salisbury, NC) who asked about Jeff after the show (you prepared me)
Julie Hamberg (impressive hosting, and who talked me into a duct-taped stool that I now dearly love)
Matt Joslyn (who asked me to bring the show to Live Arts...I'm having SUCH a good time -- I owe you more than lunch)
Brad Savage (for letting me read a piece of the show on the radio)
Mary Burruss (for a shows need these do all shows)
Becky Donnelly (for crying throughout and putting a collagen mask in the mail to me)
Ashley and Sarah (for never forgetting to remind me about the time I rolled off the stage and broke my arm)
Katie Scarvey (for a long lunch and giving me a real chance to practice describing my show)
Christine Louise Hohlbaum and Psychology Today (for finding me interesting)
Corey Jo Lloyd (for feeling cheesy) 
Gretchen Brantley, MD (who texted me that she was prescribing a nap)
Grady, Scott and Jeremiah (for making me feel important in the middle of a big show build) 
Heather Higgins and others (who are sending my name to other theaters -- I can't track all your good deeds, but we are going to party people...somehow...your karma is rockin')
Martin Horn, Inc. (for looking the other way when I had to make out with Ken in your basement)
Mendy St. Ours (for wearing Barbie pants and asking more questions the next morning)
Catherine Dee (for knowing an improved striptease when she sees one)
Will Kerner (for Edinburgh dreams....I feel radically optimistic)
All those people who don't like one-person shows but who seem to be making a gracious exception in this case...your big-heartedness has not been missed
All the Facebook love and the repeat audience members (hello!!! it's trippy and special and cool) 
All the emails (hmm...)
To the man who called the artistic director (and said, "That show is not about girls, it's about family!") Hell yeah.
The FBBC book club (you girls can rally, I'll tell you that!)
Margarite (my elderly neighbor who has no idea what I'm up to but who is excellent company at the dollar store)

So, get out your label maker and label me grateful. 

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