Tuesday, January 31, 2012

180 Days to Edinburgh

DeeDee sits with her coffee cup full of tea and her yoga pants on and interviews herself...

Have you ever had a chance to perform in Edinburgh before?
     Yes.  Seventeen years ago I didn't go to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest theatre festival in the world.  I had a small part in a small show that was headed to Scotland.  In the part, I had to eat five bananas every night.  I didn't do it -- I packed up my Honda Accord and spent my summer driving across country -- my own country -- Grand Canyon, etc.  I ate lots of Doritos on the drive.  I don't remember eating any bananas.

Do you regret it?
     The Doritos?  Yes.  Not going to Edinburgh?  Double yes.  It would've been worth all those mucus-producing bananas.  

But you're going to Edinburgh this year?
     Yes.  With the help of Whole Theatre and a fabulous team, I'm packing up my little blonde dolls, my t-shirts, and my inflatable bed and heading to Scotland on July 29 to perform my one-woman show, Dirty Barbie and other girlhood tales

When you were washing the dishes earlier, you were thinking that you were a little crazy.  Why?
     Well, it feels a little crazy to say "I'm going to Edinburgh."  I'm applying to the venues this week, and I have quite a budget to raise and lots of performances to book between here and now and I don't even have a current passport, but if I say "I want to go to Edinburgh", I think it won't happen.  I'm going.  I'm taking 6 people with me.  People all over Edinburgh are going to hear my friend, Sarah, giggle during their shows.   Honestly, it doesn't feel any crazier than it did when I said, "I'm going to write a one-woman show."  That was the really crazy thing and writing it almost sent me over the edge, but it's good, it's--

     People tell me that it's a perfect fit for Edinburgh, and I take that as quite a compliment.  

What's next? 
    I'll mail these applications to these venues and...envision at least one of them making me a great offer to perform in their space this summer.  That's the the very next thing.  It's the big next thing.  While I'm waiting, I'll get my passport updated.  And drink more tea.  Want some?

Actually, I'm in the mood for a banana.  You'll keep us posted?