Tuesday, April 24, 2012

96 Days to Edinburgh

If we're counting days, then we can also count that it's 10 days until I open in Salisbury, NC, 39 days until my son graduates from high school, 4 days since I turned 39 and 3 days since I stopped taking Ambien.  I could really whoop up on the calendar with some markers.


Now that we've counted days, let's talk superlatives:

Biggest Change:  My son is not going to Scotland...he has to go to college.  I should've seen this coming, but denial runs deep...and maybe me being in Edinburgh while he's moving into his dorm will keep me from embarrassing him with my ugly cry.  BUT, he is going to go with me to be my tech guy for the Salisbury shows, so that will work.
Closest Call:  I had to send a package overnight to Scotland this week to make an ad deadline.  Deadlines have ruled the days since January when it comes to planning for Edinburgh.  A constant, nagging fear that I'm messing up something huge.   
Newest Marketing Thingee:  New publicity shots and a new poster (above), which was designed by Serena Gruia with Alloy Workshop.   The photos were taken by Will Kerner.
Most Humbling Event(s):  People (friends and strangers) donating to my online campaign.  Every day I'm getting closer to my online fundraising goal of $12,000.  I am so grateful.  Let me practice on you..."Um, would you like to give $30 to help send me to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?"  
Newest Booking:  I'm happy to announce that I'm heading back to the Corner Store in Washington, DC the weekend of July 21-22!  That is a wonderful venue and I'll have 3 shows there.  Click here to see all the upcoming dates from NC to VA to NYC to DC.  
Biggest Crush:  "Panic not," said Brigid.  Huge crush on all the people I'm communicating with in the UK.  Between the venue managers, to the Fringe Society, to the PR people I'm talking to, they kill me with their accents and their manners and their humor, and their attentiveness.  I love these people!
Most Nagging, Irritating Worry:  Every thing....every accomplished goal just leaves me focusing on what hasn't been done.  There are still flights to book, money to raise, houses to sell out, technical glitches to work out, and a little staffing to be considered (as in...do I have enough people on my team?).  
Sweetest Thing:  Watching friends get all excited for me...telling me their own Edinburgh stories...sounds like there's a mussel and beer joint that I have to check out.  I'm a lucky girl to be so supported. 
Most Immediate Goals/Worries:  Letting people in my hometown of Mooresville know about the show that will be coming so close to them next week.  Rehearsing, packing, presenting at a conference tomorrow morning, teaching classes this week and next and selling out the shows next weekend and staying organized (oh, a little part of me dies every time I say the word 'organize').

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