Wednesday, June 13, 2012

46 Days to Edinburgh: A Day in the Life

Today I tried my hand at video blogging by trying to document a day in my life.  It was a little weird.  I don't think I captured any of the dramatic parts.  I think that's what a video crew is supposed to catch.  I was taping in the in-between moments.   I started at the gym this morning.

 I have a gym buddy, Cathy.  She was reluctant because we got KILLED last week at the gym and if she'd had her earphones, I think I would've lost her to a machine.

We stuck it out.  After plank jacks and other tortures...a little reflection on why we/I exercise.

I share a cottage with 2 other writers and an entrepreneur, who is also a writer.  It's an ideal work setting, and I try to get here as early as I can because I seem to be more productive when I start early. 

I forgot to record any video at WriterHouse, but there were a couple pictures.  I did a talk on how I when from blog posts to play, and there was a great turn-out of writers (many who have blogs).

I guess I crack myself up.

After speaking it was a big dive into a turkey cleo salad from Bodo's and then back to the office for client appointments.  Then it was time to talk about party favors, cheese straws, bacon-wrapped dates and other details for the upcoming benefit.

No make-up at the beginning of the day and almost all the make-up worn off by the end of the day. I know I can't fool ya anyway. 

And here I am, finishing the post, and wondering what to think of the day in my life that I tried to record.  I mean, it was a good day...there were lots of laughs and lots of things to worry about -- and a pretty good sampling of what my life is like most of the time, or at least what the moments in-between my life are like.

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