Monday, June 4, 2012

55 Days to Edinburgh...Tickets, T-shirts and Twitter

I love lists.  Do you?  I've got a two-pager going right now.  It's sick and wonderful at the same time.  As the lady at CVS said to me the other day as she picked up her scanner, "Let's do this." 

1.  The Fringe guide came in the mail.  It's huge and beautiful.  Last year, my friends who had just been to the Fringe brought me their guides from 2011...I'm still getting the picture...daily, but now my show is IN the guide.  There are over 2,660 shows.  There are 10 with Dirty as the first word.  Crap.  I thought Grease was the word.  I'm on pages 271 and 310.  It's like when you get your yearbook.  I mean, if you went to a gigantic high school.
2.  I ordered t-shirts today.  Thank you, Blue Ridge Graphics.  I'll get them on June 18...two days before I open in Charlottesville.  I'll figure out a way to sell them online.  Just you wait.

3.  Publicists are my new best friends.  They are helping me plan could they know me so well so quickly?  I have a firm in Scotland, Holyrood PR, representing the show.  Thank you, Laura Berry.  We're already having a good and wild time.  I have a publicist, Elizabeth Derby, helping me here in Charlottesville.  "Where's Dirty Barbie?" Oh, yeah.  Get your riddle-solver ready. 

4.  Tickets are now on sale at all upcoming venues:
June 20 -- 23...Live Arts, Charlottesville
July 10-12, 14...59E59, New York City
July 21-22...The Corner Store, Washington, DC
August 2-27...Assembly Hall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland

5.  Twitter: @deedeestewart73 and/or @dirtybarbie.  

6.  I gotta go to bed but my knee keeps shaking.  I think the horse is getting close to the barn...