Friday, June 15, 2012

Scotch on Ice Optional; Hot Pink Martinis a Must!

Hey DeeDee lovers! Elizabeth (her publicist) here again. For those of you about to buy tickets for next week's performance of Dirty Barbie, we've teamed up with Zocalo, C'ville's favorite martini bar, for a Dirty Thursday perk. Here's the scoop:

You’ve heard of the Dirty Martini. You’ve also heard of Dirty BarbieGet ready for your next wild ride:

The Dirty Barbie Martini!
Grab your pink high heels and your best girlfriends—Thursday, June 21st is Dirty Barbie Martini Night!

Stop by Zocalo before or after the show. They’ll be whipping up something extra-special: a hot pink cocktail that’s sweet and playful—with a twist.

For one night only, raise your glass and offer a toast—to the friends you adore, to the life you love, and to all the ladies who know what it takes to put the “fun” in dysfunctional.