Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tina and Tammy Go to SuperCLAW

The TipTop Twins at SuperCLAW

SuperCLAW was last night.  NPR was there.  BETTY was there.  We are Star Children was there.  The first national tournament for ladies arm-wrestling (with wrestlers from Charlottesville, New Orleans, Austin, Chicago, Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Durham and DC)  was at the Jefferson Theater here in Charlottesville.  I'm a part of a comic-duo, The TipTop Twins.  I'm Tammy.  She's Tina.  Last night we were bringing back the fanny pack.   

 creating our trademark...atmosphere

Stilleto Southpaw spreads the word

It was an incredible show.  Amy Smackhouse and Heather Weizen tied for the national title.
The Twins got home very late. 
Check out this article in BUST magazine to learn more about CLAW and SuperCLAW.

All photos by Marty Moore.