Monday, March 18, 2013

Light House Studio Saturday Workshops


Eva wrote about a scene that really happened.  Steven wrote two scripts and changed his mind at the last moment about which one we would read.  Caleb brought it on his computer, but doesn't have an ending.  Almost no one had decided on a title.  Titles or no titles...I'm impressed.    

I'll type in Courier font in honor of the standard screenwriting font that everyone is supposed to use.

I'm teaching a series of three workshops on screenwriting at Light House Studio.  I met 11 high school students for the first time 2 Saturdays ago and they started their own original 5 minute scripts.  They came up with their scenarios and rough ideas during the first class, then they brought back formatted scripts for a table readings and discussions last Saturday. 

Discussing plot, character, dialogue, etc.
 We read as many scripts as we could get through in the two hours and then we discussed each script. 
listen, discuss, listen, discuss

Eva (center) listening while her script is read

The dreaded (but wonderfully productive) warm-up writing exercise
Two of the scripts will be chosen for upcoming in-depth workshops and full productions by Light House. The screenplays not chosen will still be considered for future development.  

I can't wait to see the final drafts or next-to-final drafts this Saturday.  If you have a young person interested in film and you live anywhere near Charlottesville, send them to Light House.