Thursday, April 25, 2013

Something about Mary

with Mary Coy backstage

How in the world could anyone really call it solo performing?  It just can't be done alone.  Or maybe I should say, I don't like doing it alone.  Mary Coy has been with me for over 40 performances of Dirty Barbie, and lots of rehearsals on top of that.  One thing I know about working with Mary is that we're going to be laughing.  Whether we're waiting for light boards to boot up or projectors to work or trains to come, we crack each other up.  Yesterday we spent the afternoon getting used to Newcomb Theatre at UVA.  Dirty Barbie opens there tonight at 8pm.  The fire exit behind the stage is spooky.  We don't know yet whether I'll control my mic volume or Mary will.  I've never done this show with a mic.  Who knows where I'll hide out before the show.  We still have to check out potato chip proximity and the mic.  As I rehearsed, I yelled to Mary all the things I forgot yesterday and she made me a little email list.  Well, it wasn't so little.  The powerpoint needed adjusting, I need to find the telephone book.  I gotta pack the trunk.  I can't forget to remember the dress.  THE DRESS.  

She lifted up my new laptop and sighed, "Oooh, so light.  I wish we'd had this in Scotland."  Oh Scotland...we took some time to reminisce about the little fish and chippie place down the street.  She said she was friends on Facebook with the owner.  She said, "I like seeing their little updates.  I think they get alot of after school business."  

She's easy to please.  I showed her some changes I was working on.  She pushed the gas here, the brake there.  

As a couple elements of tech weren't quite jiving yesterday, the organizer happened to stop by and the tech director told her what was going on.  He said, "They are handling it really well, but I'm still going to fix it."  These moments would really panic me if I didn't have Mary.  

with Mary on the right, going over new material

Last summer, when I got self-conscious about a certain part of the show and thought about cutting it, Mary said, "If you cut that part, I won't run the tech."  That's a good friend.  One who nips your freaking out in the bud.  

We both showed up to tech yesterday with our Dirty Barbie t-shirts and while loading-in, a professor-type woman yelled out "Dirty Barbie!"  Never knew matching t-shirts were important for more than keeping choir groups together at Kings Dominion.  

I'm a solo performer who really doesn't like going at this solo.

Thanks, Mary.  Let's do this....

p.s. all photos by the wonderful Martin Kyle of Pernmoot Photography.