Saturday, February 15, 2014

the mad shoveler: notes from the week

view from the backyard

1.  Kathryn accused me of ignoring her.  I sweet-texted her, saying, "I ponder you…not ignore."  It was the truth, but most importantly, it worked.  She has locked down on a new quote and is taking it deeply to heart…wanted to discuss it…and I wanted to think about it.  

2.  Auditions were Monday and Tuesday…The Sugar has been cast.  I still want one more pass at the script before they begin rehearsing on the 24th, but I better hurry up.  Talked to Epp this afternoon.  Foolishly, I called right at the end of UNC beating Pittsburgh.  I really do know better.  He called me back.  I will rewrite last Louise and Sally scene by tomorrow night.    

3.  Theresa Davis moved me and thrilled me when she came in to teach a guest lecture on Joe Turner's Come and Gone for Drama 1010.  Much more indelible to me than the snowstorm, dancing with her…watching her work.

right before the dancing started or why no one pays me to take pictures

4.  It was a beautiful storm.  Reason #39 why I have to write a movie that includes M in it is because when I went to shovel her sidewalk on Thursday night, she came to the door in her red robe and yelled out:
"What are you doing?"
"Are you going to charge me?"
"Where do you live?"
Crotchety and funny trump sweet any day.  She's never trying to be funny, and after 11 years of living 3 doors down, she still doesn't know who I am.  If someone nicknamed me the "Mad Shoveler", I wouldn't mind a bit.

5.  Since Tuesday, I have total faith in the face of the future.  Taught an improv workshop with 12 sixth graders this week as a part of the Live Arts Teen Theatre Festival.  

Twisted and talkative, they had me at "Let's go watch some babies eating babies."  From a pool of acid with sharks with machine guns to a short brand new play on "Expert Belly Dancing" that included these instructions:  1) rub pimento cheese all over your body and then 2) gyrate your core in a provocative manner, I feel confident pressing onward to a bright, demented new day.

6.  Recorded interviews for Dirty Barbie.  The hallway at the radio station smelled like coffee.  Load-in at Four County Players is tomorrow.  Friday is opening night.   
Sherry Taylor from 95.1
Brad Savage from 106.1

7.  Oh, if only the world were like the Hair Cuttery where high lights and low lights are both good things.  

8.  It's been a Matthew McConaughey week:  True Detective (brilliant!!), Dallas Buyers Club, and Dazed and Confused.  Controlling myself not to watch Lincoln Lawyer again.  Need to space it out.  

9.  The only eavesdropped conversation that sticks with me this week:  two sweaty ladies who were questioning the gentleman behind the counter at the gym.  I didn't hear him answer.
"He went to Ohio."
"You went to Cold Ohio?"
"Where did you go in Ohio?"
"Cold Ohio!"

10.  More than Matthew McConaughey, I'm into Kitchen King.

11.  Kris called me at 6:15am (her time) to talk about my snow.  We're both morning people.  I miss my sister.  Even after talking to her for an hour.  I picture her in the morning with wet hair and her coffee…just as she stood there in 1981.  A senior in high school.  Leaning against the cabinets, her hair long and wet, drinking black coffee.  I always miss my sister.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday Work Call

or, to say it clearly,
no one typed that morning.
it wasn't a -- it wasn't an instruction
but it was a trend

all morning we used red, black, and a buzzer
to mark the road and the space between when you could chat
our good time limited to when you had to go.
one has to leave by 10, one by 11.

it's Monday now, but I remember Saturday morning, almost 50 hours gone
when she perched on the blue pillow and she passed out pecans. 

I had a little coffee and she had a little tea.

 all morning she laid down cards to pull this story that way, 
and I pulled the curtain away from the heater.
very helpful, to sprawl on the floor with the kettle on

and, if it's possible, let me know when you can work again
in the yellow house with the blue/gray tile
 in the middle of your good thought, I might still have my earphones on.  
tap me.

Captions for the pictures:
1. notes for the rewrite for my new play, The Sugar
2. me and my glasses
3. Jen's black boards for expert plotting
4.  Jen working on her 2nd novel in The Ninja Librarians series
5. Patty working on her novel

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pick-Up Lines for Paleos