Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday Work Call

or, to say it clearly,
no one typed that morning.
it wasn't a -- it wasn't an instruction
but it was a trend

all morning we used red, black, and a buzzer
to mark the road and the space between when you could chat
our good time limited to when you had to go.
one has to leave by 10, one by 11.

it's Monday now, but I remember Saturday morning, almost 50 hours gone
when she perched on the blue pillow and she passed out pecans. 

I had a little coffee and she had a little tea.

 all morning she laid down cards to pull this story that way, 
and I pulled the curtain away from the heater.
very helpful, to sprawl on the floor with the kettle on

and, if it's possible, let me know when you can work again
in the yellow house with the blue/gray tile
 in the middle of your good thought, I might still have my earphones on.  
tap me.

Captions for the pictures:
1. notes for the rewrite for my new play, The Sugar
2. me and my glasses
3. Jen's black boards for expert plotting
4.  Jen working on her 2nd novel in The Ninja Librarians series
5. Patty working on her novel