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upcoming shows:

The Sugar
a new comedy by Denise Stewart
directed by Ray Nedzel
Oct. 31 -- Nov. 22, 2014
Live Arts
Charlottesville, VA

Swamp-Hatched Butterfly
"A Night of Comedy with Deedee Stewart & Friends"
Saturday, January 31, 7:30p.m.
Tickets at LouisaArts.org
212 Fredericksburg Avenue
Louisa, Virginia

**** "Effortlessly honest and wonderfully cathartic...this is that rare play that many people can connect with, regardless of sex or nationality."  
                                                         --Ciara KnowlesThree Weeks 

**** "Stewart is vibrant...reminiscent of a young Doris Day at times."
                      --Alethia Stentiford,FringeReview.Com 

"Deeply poignant humour by an accomplished and endearing performer." 
                      --Yasmin SuliamanFest

"Poignant...intriguing...I congratulate Denise Stewart on writing such a touching play"
                                                      -- Ed Malin, NYTheatre.com

"Intriguing and successful....wonderfully funny."  

                                                   --David RobertsTheatre Reviews, Ltd.

In 1978, a mother, newly widowed, moved her family from the wide, open spaces of Wyoming to a tiny town in North Carolina.  Misbehaving ensued.  Over thirty years later, DeeDee Stewart began writing about her childhood – and her MOTHER.  Putting the “fun” back in “dysfunctional”, spinning tales on scarlet fever, scotch over ice and girls gone wild, this "all-American" girl takes you on an unforgettable ride through the 70s, 80s and 90s.  
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2014 SHOWS
Jan. 18, 2014 Louisa Arts Center, Louisa, VA
Jan. 23-26, 2014 Asheville Fringe Festival, Asheville, VA
Feb. 21-23 Four County Players, Barboursville, VA
April 3-5, 10-12, Lee Street Theatre (The Sugar, my new full-length play...not a one-woman show)
July 9 -- July 26, 2014, Shear Madness at Heritage Theatre Festival, Charlottesville, VA

2013 SHOWS/Workshops 
Feb. 2, Playwriting workshop, Lee Street Theatre, Salisbury, NC
 April 25, Women in Leadership and Philanthropy Conference, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Newcombe Hall
June 25, Girls Guide to Living Well Workshop (for girls 10-14), 2-5pm at Jefferson Madison Regional Library...Downtown branch (FREE)
July 9, Girls' Guide to Living Well Workshop (for girls 10-14), 2-5pm at Jefferson Madison Regional Library...Crozet branch (FREE)

2012 SHOWS
January 14-15, The Corner Store, Washington, DC
May 4-5, Looking Glass Collective, Salisbury, NC
June 20-23*, 2012, Live Arts, Charlottesville, VA (*the Sat., June 23 performance will be a special benefit performance with BRAND NEW, additional material and a reception)
July 10, 11, 12, 14, 59E59, New York, New York (all shows at 9 p.m.)
July 21-22, The Corner Store, Washington, DC
August 2-27 -- Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Assembly Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

2011 SHOWS (thanks for the memories!)
March 23-26, Lee Street Theatre, Salisbury, NC
April 4-7, Hamner Theater, Charlottesville, VA
June 14-17, The Venue at 35th Street, Norfolk, VA
October 7, 2011 CLAW benefit

November 30 -- December 11, 2011 Live Arts, Charlottesville, VA

Reviews and Quotes:

"Poignant...intriguing...I congratulate Denise Stewart on writing such a touching play"
              -- Ed Malin, NYTheatre.com

“Brilliantly written and performed…Stewart is fearless…the whole thing is raw and exposing, but so brilliantly spiced with hilarity that the audience is able to joyfully take the entire journey with Stewart without turning it into a pity-party.”

                                               --Mary Burruss, Cville Weekly

"It's smart, funny, inventive and brilliantly performed.  One of the best one-woman show I've ever seen.  Maybe THE best." --Jenny Hubbard, author, Paper Covers Rock

"Intriguing and successful....wonderfully funny."  --David Roberts, Theatre Reviews, Ltd.

“Wildly funny, yet as outrageous as the humor sometimes is, the play is never inauthentic; every moment is earned and rings of truth.  The serious moments are never sentimental, but are quite moving, and the transitions from comedy to drama are seamless and sometimes amazing.”
                                                --Doug Grissom, Offstage Theatre
"Denise Stewart’s one-woman show, Dirty Barbie, is a tour de force. It is simultaneously hilarious, sad, reflective, and a walk through our own lives.
Only an extraordinarily talented actor can stand on stage alone with minimal props and hold an audience in its hands...Denise Stewart belongs to that very small and elite group." --David Post, contributor, Salisbury Post
  "Stewart has done the hard work.  DeeDee Stewart is Dirty Barbie, another way of saying Every Girl."  --D.D. Delauney, Thinking Dog Reviews
Facebook Praise:
‎Denise Stewart is everything you would want: she is sassy, smart, oh so brave, silly and very real...she has "It" that we all want to have and then some. Thank you, Denise, for an awesome evening of theatre. You are an inspiration.
Fantastic show. Loved it.
The play is awesome!!! What energy you have----thanks for sharing yourself with us in such a wonderful way.
  Cassie Leazer 
Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your show and hanging out with you for the after party. :D You rock!!
Oh, MAD-DAD-AM... you were sublime!!! So wonderful. Loved, loved, loved it!!! xoxo
You rocked! We were laughing and crying at the same time. It was SO good.
OK...now I have gathered some of my thoughts from your mindblowing play ... "Dirty Barbie" WOW That was AMAZING! You are so talented both with writing and acting. And you are BRAVE. Your family experience is one of a kind, yet like EVERY family in the world. You have opened a box of memories for me...
 Beth Morris Gobble
Went w/ two of my best girlfriends to see "Dirty Barbie" Saturday night for my birthday and had the BEST time!!! (for some reason my husband was not interested in seeing a play about Barbie dolls - his loss!!) HIGHLY recommend it!!

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The Lynchburg News & Advance, April 5, 2011, "Confessions of a Dirty Barbie" by Casey Gillis
C-ville Weekly, April 5, 2011, "Youth in Fast Forward" by Andrew Cedermark
The Salisbury Post, March 20, 2011 "Dirty Barbie and the Secrets Lives of Little Girls" by Katie Scarvey
C-ville Weekly, December 7, 2012, "Checking in with Denise Stewart

photo by Holly Czuba